How does UPS tracking work?

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UPS tracking allows customers to monitor the progress and location of their packages throughout the shipping process. Here’s an overview of how UPS tracking works

Tracking Number

When a package is shipped with UPS, it is assigned a unique tracking number. This number serves as the identifier for the package throughout its journey.

Tracking Options

Customers can track their packages using various methods. The most common method is through the UPS website ( or the UPS mobile app. Alternatively, customers can track their packages via phone by calling the UPS customer service hotline.

Tracking Updates

Once a package is in the UPS system, tracking updates are generated at key points in the shipping process. These updates include information such as when the package is picked up, its departure from origin, arrival at sorting facilities, transit through various locations, and final delivery.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers can access real-time tracking information to see the current status and location of their packages. This includes details like estimated delivery date, the package’s latest scan location, and any exceptions or delays encountered during transit.

Delivery Confirmation

When a package is delivered, UPS provides a delivery confirmation scan. This confirms the package’s successful arrival at its destination and may include additional details such as the name of the recipient and the time of delivery.

Additional Tracking Services

UPS offers additional tracking services, such as UPS My Choice, which provides enhanced tracking and delivery management options. With UPS My Choice, customers can receive delivery alerts, change delivery instructions, authorize package release, and reroute packages to a UPS Access Point or another address.

UPS Mobile App

Alternatively, you can track your package using the UPS mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices. Simply enter the tracking number into the app to retrieve the tracking information.


UPS offers various notification options to keep customers informed about their package’s progress. This includes email or text message notifications for tracking updates, delivery alerts, and delivery confirmation.

It’s important to note that tracking information may not be available immediately after a package is shipped, as it takes some time for the tracking data to be generated and updated in the UPS system. However, once the tracking information becomes available, customers can use it to stay updated on their package’s status until it is delivered.

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