Can I ship internationally with USPS?

The short answer is yes! USPS offers a range of international shipping services that can handle different package sizes and lengths of transit time. The United States Postal Service works with postal operators in other countries to make sure packages are delivered quickly and securely.

USPS International Shipping Services

  • Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) – This is the fastest USPS service for international shipping, with delivery times of 1–3 days.
  • Priority Mail Express International – This service offers delivery in 3-5 business days.
  • Priority Mail International – This is normally the most economical service with delivery times of 6–10 days.
  • First-Class Package International Service – This is the least expensive shipping option, but also has the longest delivery times (typically 10–30 business days).

For more information about these services, visit the USPS website. You can also check out their international shipping calculator to get an estimate on the cost and delivery times for different services.


USPS is one of the best options for international shipping. With a range of services and reliable delivery times, you can trust USPS to get your packages to their destination safely.


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