What are the size and weight limits for packages shipped by USPS?

For anyone sending a package, it’s important to know what sizes and weights the USPS will accept. Depending on where you send a package, it may have to adhere to certain size and weight restrictions. Here we’ll discuss what the size and weight limits are for packages shipped by the USPS.

Size Limit

When shipping via USPS, the maximum size for your package is 108 inches in combined length and girth. Girth is measured by adding the width and twice the height. The maximum size for boxes sent via Priority Mail is 108 inches, but the maximum size with Commercial Plus Pricing is 130 inches. Packages over these sizes must be sent via Parcel Select Ground.

Weight Limits

The maximum weight for any package sent through the USPS is 70 pounds. If a package weighs more than that, no matter the size, it’s not eligible to be shipped via the USPS.

How to Measure Your Package

  • Length: Measure the longest side of the package.
  • Width: Measure the side of the package perpendicular to the length.
  • Height: Measure the side of the package perpendicular to both the length and width.

It’s important to measure your package accurately before shipping to ensure it meets all of the requirements of the USPS. Failure to do this could result in your package being refused or delayed. You can find some useful information about measuring here.

The USPS also offers specific guidelines about package restrictions for certain types of mail. You can find this information here.


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